Online platform for social enterprises

Etsy is an online marketplace that exhibits only the handmade and handcrafted products and items on their website. The products and items include photographs, jewels, cloths, arts, beauty and bath products, foods and toys.
Michelle Pride runs an online platform called the Trading Hope. Before starting the ecommerce business, she went to Wheaton College in 2009 and studied international development. During her college days she went to Calcutta in India for a project based on the social entrepreneur. Later she moved to Denver a worked for a non- profit development and social justice work.Pride wanted to create a platform for the small enterprise and medium enterprise to grow, so she launched a marketplace but closed it after a year. While working with the enterprises, she noticed that many social enterprises were struggling and she wanted a plan to broaden the distribution sector.

Later she launched the Trading Hope. Unlike the micro- business she opened an online platform in which they buy the goods from the social enterprises and local artisans from the developing countries. They ensured guaranteed sales because the online platform will buy the products from the artisans and enterprises. And the product is sold by women in the United States America who are interested in money making and wants to make a difference in the society.
According to the last year report, there are fifty direct sales representatives present in the United States of America who purchase the starter kits for one hundred and ninety nine dollars to get the required inventory to launch their business.

Etsy is a marketplace for the crafty people out there

Etsy was found in 2005 and it has become a familiar website among the artisans across the globe. The website focuses on unique and creative collections of handmade products, be it a hand kerchief or even an engagement ring, every product is unique in its own way! It has many contenders that involve some huge names as well namely Amazon and eBay. Etsy is also working on its features to grab more attention from online shoppers.

Recently, Etsy offered some crazy ground breaking deals for holidays in order to provide the best service to its users. It even conducts marketplaces in several countries around the world. Canada was Etsy’s target during the end of 2015 and many crafters turned out for the event. The event lasted for few days and the locals made the best off it. The event included handmade products that were unique and one of a kind. It was a huge success in and around Canada, and the sellers made good profit of it.

Etsy does several marketplace events in order to grab attention from the media and the public. Last year, the company’s revenue growth was very usual and Amazon had the best market shares in the ecommerce industry. The critics say the slow growth is due to poor search algorithms of Etsy that does not provide precise search results like the mighty Amazon. Nevertheless, the marketplace events are like reminders to people that Etsy is still in the competition!

Etsy is trying its best to solve the search problem

Etsy is the destination for every artisan across the globe because the website has classy and unique collections of handicrafts. Be it a pillow cover, a candle or even an engagement ring, you name it and they serve it! But the creative company has been facing problems with its search algorithm ever since its inventories became huge. The reason behind the slow growth rate and bad market shares is Etsy’s search algorithm. It does not provide a structured search results like the mighty Amazon.

Etsy has a lot of contenders and some of them are huge names like Amazon, eBay and Best Buy. The mighty Amazon’s search results are very precise and it lets the buyers find their preferred products right away! Amazing search algorithm is the reason for Amazon’s enormous success in the ecommerce industry.

Online buyers would get frustrated if the website does not show up precise search results and they would eventually switch over to another website. The sellers would also shift places if the products are not making good sales and Etsy has this critical issue that cannot be solved very soon. However, some Etsy supporters say search algorithm does not play an important role in the company’s market revenue. In contrary to Etsy’s supporters, the critics say search algorithm is one of the most important factors for an online website’s successful market share. Nevertheless, Etsy should pick up the pace and improve its search algorithms in order to deliver the best to its users!

Some important wholesale guidelines to benefit Etsy sellers

Etsy, the dream destination for crafty people around the world has now published important guidelines that should be followed by all the retail partners. The company was found by the master mind Chad Dickerson in 2005 and it has been a massive hit in the crafty people’s world ever since. It has many local rivals and mighty retailer website contenders as well. Several people prefer Etsy to any other website because of its exclusive and unique collections of handmade products, higher prices do not matter a lot! According to rough statistics, Etsy wholesale has roped in 4,500 sellers and 11,000 retailers, that’s a huge number for something that has just begun! Etsy has also partnered with many retailers like Macy and many others across the country. Nice improvement Etsy, keep up the spirits Shopsy

  • The retailing partners should provide terms on payment that are fair enough.
  • They should obey the seller’s intellectual properties.
  • They should respect the sellers from Etsy and discuss the selection and material of the products with them.
  • Also, they should never EVER forget to address and mention the designers’ name for each product.
  • The prices listed on the line of sheet should also be paid for the first 6 months.
  • The sellers should be provided with penalty avoidance, compliance and other similar benefits.

These are a few important guidelines that every retailing partner should consider following when it comes to Etsy wholesale, if not, they head toward a bigger trouble!

Is there enough demand for Etsy in near future?

Etsy, the dream destination for crafty people was found in 2005 by Chad Dickerson and it has happened to be the best website available for unique handmade items, no doubts about that! The website offers many unique items starting from kitchen napkins to grand wall arts, you name it and they serve it! It poses a threat to many other popular retail websites like Amazon, eBay and BestBuy. Recently, the mighty Amazon has introduced a marketplace exclusively for handicrafts for cheaper prices. Etsy’s market revenue has fallen down ever since Amazon took off with this new addition in the market. But still people prefer Etsy to Amazon due to high quality products.

However, the critics say the retail website would soon be taken down by the new emerging companies in near future. Etsy was just started as a startup that was not into immense inventories, but now it has grown into a huge firm! Mr. Chad Dickerson has always insisted the sellers to keep the prices high despite having heavy competitions from its contenders; a sign of over confidence is clearly evident!?

According to sources, many retail markets that are specialized in handicrafts have risen in different countries and are much stronger than Etsy. They sell classy products for cheaper prices and are considered as huge threats to Etsy.

Etsy is also known for its infamous controversies and if the company fails to take care of them, there is no guarantee for its bright future!

Etsy works on its search option to improve user engagement

Etsy, the online shopping giant that is exclusively meant for unique handicrafts has won over millions of hearts across the country. It is a dream online shopping destination for the truly dedicated online shoppers. Not every online shopping website can shine bright in the ecommerce market. The site needs to have extraordinary tactics and marketing strategies to be the best in the industry. One of the most important requirements for any shopping site is the search option; it could make or break the momentum. Etsy has the most distinguished brand, handicrafts, and all of it that could beat the other well known giants like Amazon, Best Buy and so on. Amazon’s search option is vast and very user friendly that makes it superior to the rest. Etsy is working on its search option to improve the user interface and make it more convenient for the existing users.

According to sources, there are about 30 million products that are out on Etsy for sale every year. But since the search option is very basic and minimal, it has always been inferior to other sites. That seems like a very small problem now because Etsy has released a much better version for its loyal users. The new search option has various categories and sub categories under it, not a bad job Etsy! Looks like Etsy is finally catching up the pace in the race and the marketing giant Amazon should be more cautious now.

Etsy’s New Feature to Link Jewelry Designers with Manufacturers

Etsy initiated a new technology to link its sellers with manufactures, so that small scale jewelry designers can develop their production by forming a perfect partnership. Etsy allows creative designers to start and grow in their business through this new feature.

If a small scale jeweler designer is having a necklace design and likes to sell it on a larger scale basis, they require a partner to cooperate with them. The process of finding a partner is really a hard task.

Etsy sellers can contact with the manufacturers by means of Etsy communication, where the manufacturer will get a mail saying that the seller is looking for a partner to work with them. The partner is required to do bench works. The manufacturers have the facility to have a look at the products of sellers, so that they can decide if they can able to work those products.

The sellers will research about their manufactures by having screening process. Etsy is planning to bring this plan overseas, but still it has not developed the guidelines to achieve it. This new Etsy program has received 600 applications from manufacturers.

How manufacturers get connected with designers:

Responsible and authentic manufactures can easily connect with designers. To do that, the first step includes creation of application which should be short and perfect, followed by profile creation which showcases the manufacturer’s area of expertise and finally they can able connected with designers who are searching for a responsible partner.

Etsy Credit card readers for offline Merchants

Etsy the ecommerce site which focuses on both vintage and handmade products introduced credit card readers for its merchants to conduct their sales. This device works similar to other credit card scanners which work on mobiles.

This device provides an opportunity for Etsy sellers to sell their products in person at fairs and many events. Using Etsy reader selling is free of cost as the merchants can download the apps to their mobile devices to use the credit card reader. It enables Etsy to improve its business by making digital payments like PayPal and Square. The apps are available both in iOS and Android devices.

This Etsy reader connects user’s Etsy shop with various other ecommerce platforms. It also acts as a tool for Etsy sellers to grow their business which helps buyers to find unique items and buy it online and offline. If a sale is noted using the Etsy device, then it will bounce back in a merchant’s Etsy account.

The fact behind the development of this reader is that 90% of retail sales occur offline. This allows Etsy merchants to continue using the reader service even if they are doing the sales offline. Etsy also conducts business off-site. Funds from sales using credit cards will be deposited in the seller’s account.

The sell on Etsy readers helps Etsy sellers to manage their creative business and allow them to focus more on what they love to do. This new feature provides an opportunity to Etsy to hold on customers who might otherwise choose another competitive payment options.

Etsy bans Redskin products from its website

Etsy, the most famous ecommerce website is considered as a dream destination for many online shoppers. It has many followers and rivals as well, and because of that it is prone to controversies. After all, any successful company must deal with controversies and trials. The critics have questioned Etsy’s redskin products and found them to be offensive to the Native Americans. The issue was controversial and quite sensitive to all of them. Hence, the company has decided to take down the redskin products from its website. The company’s officials have decided to discontinue the products possessing its name and logo. The severe action has fetched a good name for the brand. Also, the company must always play it safe in order to withstand the ecommerce market. Since it has a huge brand name and many followers, people would prefer Etsy to any other website for exclusive handicrafts. The company’s decision on redskin’s ban has got a good response from several critics.

Nowadays, people make use of their freedom of speech on social media to convey strong messages to the world. However, there is always a limit to everything; we cannot give a certain term or a brand to a group of people. The name redskin and its logo are quite offensive and give the so called “racial discrimination” feeling to us. Hence to avoid all the speculations and controversies, the company has to get rid of the products labeled with the not-so-favorite brand name and logo!

Etsy launches card reader for individual payment

Etsy started a new feature with the launch of card reader for sellers who want to take payment through debit or credit card. This feature helps the sellers to improve their business who is marketing their goods in various events.

This card reader is a new step to boost up Etsy’s trade both online and offline. The new card reader products act as a competitor for PayPal, Square and other card readers. This card reader connects with online marketplace where the sellers can get their funds through shop payment accounts. It makes the process of accounting easier and quicker. Payments of products doing with card reader enable sellers to list the items so that buyers will not try to buy products which have already been sold.

This new product launch helps Etsy sellers get connected with retailers around the world who can help to expand their business. Etsy’s card reader receipts contain links which will direct the buyers to seller’s Etsy shop and images of the list of products which will make them to purchase again even after the sale is complete.

This card reader works on both iOS and Android mobile apps. Payment processed with the card reader is charged with 2.75% for a single swipe with no additional fees. It helps sellers increase their sales, boost their business and manage them as a whole.

Sellers can list their upcoming participation on the Etsy local website where buyers can able to get the information about the sellers and their events.